Students / Non-urgent Cases

UCD Student
Mental Health Policy

Students / Non-urgent Cases

If you are concerned about your own mental health:

  • Resources are available in UCD to inform you about mental health issues and to help you regain mental wellbeing. See the calendar of Events and Directory of Resources.
  • Communicate your needs and seek support (remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness)
  • Consider seeking professional support. There are a range of services in UCD, or you can talk to a GP.
  • If you have a diagnosed mental condition and require assessment/exam accommodations or academic supports, you should contact UCD Access. Remember, UCD needs this information to offer you support.

If you are concerned about a fellow student:

  • Be aware of your personal limitations
  • Express your concern to your fellow student, and encourage them to seek support.
  • You can direct them to the university supports which are available, such as the UCD Student Counselling Service
  • You can talk to a Student Adviser, the UCD Students’ Union Welfare Officer, or a UCD Chaplain about your concerns on a no names basis.