Students / Urgent Cases

UCD Student
Mental Health Policy

Students / Urgent Cases

Ensure your safety and the safety of others

If you are on campus:

Contact Campus Services 7999

Contact emergency services:

Overdose or definite threat of self-harm

Request Ambulance 999 or 112

Student violent, armed, aggressive, or threatening:

Contact Gardaí 999 or 112

If assisting a fellow student:

Once help is on its way, if it safe to do so, reassure your fellow student and wait with them until help arrives.

After the incident:

  • Talk about it with friends or family while respecting the confidentiality of the affected student
  • Consider talking to the UCD Student Counselling Service
  • Talk to your Programme Office about what has happened – you might need to take a few days away from your studies, or arrange an extension, for example.


This version of the policy is also available as a printable pdf.

UCD Mental Health Policy.pdf